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Term 1, 2024 Newsletter

As we look back on the bustling activities of the first term, it brings us great joy to witness how seamlessly our little ones have embraced their preschool adventures. With Term 2 peeking around the corner, we trust each of you enjoyed a delightful Easter long weekend and are eagerly anticipating another marvellous beginning.

To all our families, whether returning or joining us anew for Term 2, a heartfelt welcome awaits you! Let's stride into this fresh term with rejuvenated spirits and hopeful hearts. Exciting plans and aspirations await us, promising to make 2024 an unforgettable year for our cherished kindergarten community.

At Doncaster Kindergarten, we hold high expectations for our staff and children alike. We're

dedicated to providing every child with enriching opportunities to learn, grow, and thrive. From fun-filled activities to challenging adventures, there's something exciting awaiting each and every one of our young learners.

For many children, kindergarten marks their first step into the world of structured learning—an exciting journey filled with play, creativity, socialising, and boundless imagination. It's truly heartening to witness their growth and progress unfold as the year unfolds.

Remember, our doors are always open for any queries or concerns you may have about your

child or the program. Building a strong relationship between you, your child, and our teachers is paramount to us. So, don't hesitate to reach out to your child's teacher initially. If further assistance is needed, Liz, our Office Manager, is here to help.

Let's join hands to make Term 2 a chapter filled with cherished memories and remarkable

milestones in our children's educational journey!

Warm regards,

Emily Tokalau-Tabualevu

Doncaster Kindergarten

2024 Term 1 Newsletter
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