Frequently asked questions

What to wear to kinder

  • Children learn through play, so please help by sending them along in suitable
    play clothes. Protective smocks are supplied for painting, however, if your child
    does get some paint on their clothing, soak the article in cold water.

  • Thongs, crocs and rubber boots are difficult and dangerous for climbing; long
    dresses and skirts are also not suitable. Therefore, please avoid sending your
    child in this type of footwear and clothing.

  • Shoes or sandals with Velcro are strongly encouraged, as your child can be
    independent. Please avoid shoes with laces unless your child can tie them

  • In summer, shorts are excellent for boys and girls. They are preferable to dresses
    and jeans that may get wet when playing in the sandpit with water.

  • Sunscreen should be applied to children at home before coming to kindergarten
    during Sunsmart months, i.e. January to May and August to December. If not
    applied at home, sunscreen is available in the kindergarten foyer for use before
    attending the session.

  • Sunhats must be worn during Sunsmart months, i.e. beginning of August until
    the end of April each year.

  • In winter, always remember to put a shirt or long sleeved tee shirt under the
    jumper, so children have a layer to take off or put on depending on the weather.

  • Our Kindergarten does have a uniform available for purchase. Uniforms are not
    mandatory but available for order should you like to purchase items such as
    hats, polo-shirts and windcheaters.Please refer to the order form for details. Sizes are on display for your reference at the information evening.

Session Times & Class Sizes.

You can find our session times here. Class sizes range from 22 to a maximum capacity of 27.

Enrolment, Fees & Offers

You can find information about our enrolment fees here. Please enrol online with the $25 application fee to join the waiting list.
Offers are usually made at the end of May each year, however this may be subject to change. Please contact the enrolment officer for the latest information.

Kindergarten management

  • Doncaster Kindergarten is run by a Committee of parents, elected each year.
  • The Committee oversees the teaching staff and program, the budget, and takes responsibility for compliance with rules and regulations.
  • The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM)/Information Night held in November.

Parent participation

Parent Helper Roster (Currently on hold due to COVID safety measures) We value the special relationship between you and your child – your home is your child’s first learning environment. Research has shown that children are happiest, participate more and learn most effectively when parents take an active interest in their child’s learning. There is a parent helper roster for each group each term. Parents are encouraged to select one or two days per term that suit them to assist at the kindergarten. These times will be available on a roster at the kindergarten foyer.
By assisting, you have the opportunity to observe your child in a group setting and to gain greater insight into the Kindergarten program. Your child will enjoy your company and sharing their special kinder experience with you. Additional assistance enables the staff to work more closely with individual children and small groups to offer a richer variety of experiences to all. Parents and families are also very welcome to contribute to the program with any particular skills or interest at any time. In the past, parents have helped with playing instruments, excursions, craft activities, talking to the children about a holiday and even speaking a second language for the children. We understand that each family can contribute at their own level depending on other commitments. However, your input, support and involvement can really make a difference. Working Bees (Currently on hold due to COVID safety measures) Your participation at working bees is vital to the ongoing maintenance and operations of the Kinder. At working bees parents perform general maintenance and cleaning tasks, ensuring the kinder is a clean and safe place for children, staff, parents and the community, as well as assisting us to meet the regulations governing kindergartens. Information regarding times and maintenance required is sent out to families throughout the year.

Teachers and Co-Educators

You can find information about our teachers and co-educators here.

Food and hygiene

DONCASTER KINDERGARTEN IS A NUT SAFE ZONE It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the educator (in writing) of any food
allergy that their child may have. This is particularly important for the occasions
when a special celebration (e.g. a birthday) is taking place at the kindergarten or
when the children are cooking. Every effort will be made to exclude the child
from a food allergen. Children in our 3-year old program and our 4-year old program will bring their
own healthy snack in a snack box to each session. Children may also have, when
appropriate, birthday cake (or an alternative such as icy pole, Natural
Confectionery Company lollies, etc.) provided by the parents. Children are
encouraged to eat a good breakfast before their morning sessions and will have
their lunch at home.
All children must have water to drink. No fruit juice, cordial or flavoured milk
drinks please.
Hand washing will also occur when entering the kindergarten prior to each
session commencing and before any activity that involves food handling and
after outdoor activities.
Children are encouraged to be fully toilet trained when attending the
kindergarten. However, in the instance where children need to be changed, the
kindergarten has facilities for nappy changes.
Children are encouraged not to swap hats, food or drinks.
Due to the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2013, it is not
possible, in circumstances where a child must stay indoors for medical reasons,
for the staff to be able to supervise them when the remainder of the group is
doing outside activities. For this reason, such children must either be kept home from kindergarten or collected prior to the commencement of the outdoor play

What to bring to kinder (BYO snack)

Large backpack or carry bag

  • Each child needs to bring a kindergarten bag that is large enough to carry a hat, set of spare clothes, a water bottle, snack box and completed artwork. Please ensure the bag has a wide opening so that painting and artistic works can be carried home with ease. Bags are to be placed in the child’s allocated locker in the kindergarten foyer.
  • Note children’s work will be placed in boxes and alphabetically arranged according to first names. Work can be found within each child’s file in this box.
  • This box is placed on the shelf opposite the kindergarten office. Parents are asked to collect work from the box after each session.

Library bag
  • Children in our 4-year old program need a cloth bag (or equivalent) with handles or a drawstring tape, for borrowing books. It must be large enough to carry a full sized picture book, and marked in large letters with child's name.
  • Healthy morning or afternoon tea – Each child in our 3-year old program is asked to bring a small container for snack time, consisting of cut up fruit or vegetables, savoury biscuits and cheese or a healthy sandwich.
  • Each child in our 4-year old program is asked to bring a substantial snack, such as prepared fruit/vegetable, yoghurt, cheese and a healthy sandwich/cracker to each session. These snacks are not for sharing but will be eaten at snack time with other children.
  • We will let you know at your interview whether there are any allergy causing foods that we cannot have at kindergarten.
  • Snack times are a time for your children to develop courtesy, table manners, social skills, independence, responsibility, initiative and choice, and learn about healthy eating.
Water bottle A water bottle that your child can manage independently and is labelled with your child’s name is to be placed on the trolley in the kindergarten foyer at the beginning of each session.
Sun safe hat
  • Each child must bring a hat to kindergarten. According to the
  • Sunsmart Program and the kindergarten’s Sun Protection Policy, hats are to be worn whenever the sun’s UV levels reach three or higher. In Victoria, UV levels are usually three or higher from mid-August to the end of April.
  • Our staff check the daily local sun protection times to be sure your children are using sun protection when it is required. Hats should be of legionnaire design with shade flap at back or a broad-brimmed hat with a brim of at least ten centimetres that does not blow off easily.
Jacket, warm hat, hooded parka
  • Winter coats, warm hats and waterproof clothes are recommended for wet and cold days.
  • We do NOT encourage toys to be brought to kindergarten as they may be damaged or lost and your child will not have them to play with at home or they may hinder a child from exploring kindergarten toys.
  • The 4-year old groups will have the opportunity to share special items from home during “show and tell”.
  • A notice will be sent home to inform you of this.
  • Definitely NO WAR TOYS OR GUNS are to be brought to kindergarten at any time.
  • Please ensure all belongings are labelled.