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How to Enrol

If you are interested in enrolling your child at Doncaster Kindergarten next year,  please click on the easy online enrolment below. 

Full details on our enrolment procedure can be found in the Doncaster Kindergarten Enrolment and Orientation Policy and we strongly encourage you to read this before enrolling. 

  • Enrolment applications will be accepted any time after the child has turned two years of age. 

  • Children must be 3 years old by 30th of April to attend 3 year old kinder that year.


  • If you prefer to submit a hard copy , the Enrolment Form can be found at the end of the Enrolment Policy document or in the Kindergarten foyer. Completed enrolment  forms can be sent via:

Mail:  Enrolment Officer, Doncaster Kindergarten,

Suite 11A  Manningham City Square MC2,

687 Doncaster Road, Doncaster, 3108




In person: By placing in the Fees box in the Kindergarten foyer. 

  • All enrolments must be accompanied by an enrolment application fee in line with Doncaster Kindergarten's Fees Policy of $25.

    • This fee is to cover administrative costs associated with the processing of a child's enrolment and is not refundable.

    • Once you have submitted your online enrolment, fees can be paid by cheque, money order or by direct deposit into the Doncaster Kindergarten bank account – BSB 063 254, Account Number 10061071.

    • The payment can be mailed in or placed in the locked Fees Box in the foyer of the kindergarten. Please do not send cash. If you are submitting a hard copy enrolment, please use one of the methods above to pay for your fee.

  • A separate application form and fee must be submitted for each sibling, and for each proposed year of attendance at the service.

  • To facilitate the inclusion of all children into the program, the enrolment application form should clearly identify any additional or specific needs of the child (refer to Inclusion and Equity Policy).

  • Parents/guardians of children applying for a second year of funded kindergarten or currently attending a three-year-old program must submit a new enrolment form for the following year.

  • Applications will be entered on the waiting list using the eligibility and priority of access criteria. 

  • Please note that your child's position is not confirmed at the Kindergarten until you receive written notification from our Enrolment Officer.​

  • Information about requirements of the law for enrolment, locating and accessing immunisation services, obtaining acceptable immunisation documentation, and a copy of the Enrolment and Orientation Policy are available at the Kinder.

  • All enrolment related questions should be directed to the Enrolments officer at or phone 0491 120 654. All enquiries will be answered within several business days. 

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