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Our current Committee members comprise of parents from current and past enrolments. President - Dirk Visser Secretary - Ahmed Mohammed Treasurer - Shafaq Azad Fees - Biyun Chen Policy - David Jayashelan Enrolment - Hima Khan Uniform - Tiffany Williams Maintenance - Domenic Toscano IT & Website - Alex Lu Newsletter - Lorena Bacur Occupational Health & Safety - Elena Fenner Translation (Mandarin) - Sylvia Zheng General Members Yishan Chan Nevania Visser Mayun Song Karen Zhang

Committee Role Vacancies

Dear Parents/Carers
As you may know, Doncaster Kindergarten is a community kindergarten run by a Committee made up of parents and carers of children who attend the kindergarten. The staff are paid to teach our children, not to manage the kindergarten. Without the ongoing dedication of the kindergarten community, and of the Committee as a whole over the years, our kinder wouldn't be the excellent learning centre it is today.
We currently have some vacancies on our volunteer committee and would like to fill these positions as soon as possible.
The roles we are seeking new Committee members for are as follows: - Grants Officer - Fundraising Co-ordinator and Fundraising Officers - Translator (Farsi)
All Committee members are asked to attend our monthly Committee meetings which are usually held online on Zoom at 7.15pm on the third Wednesday of each month, but can change subject to the agreement of the Committee. Our meetings usually last for no more than two hours. The Grants Co-ordinator role would be great for anyone who likes researching what is out there for kindergarten's to access in terms of additional funds. The kinder is usually notified about the major grants available so it's a matter of looking into this further on behalf of the Kindergarten and completing the applications. Ideal for a parent with a child in 3 year old kinder this year so you can prepare now and be ready for next year's round of grants when they come. The Fundraising Co-ordinator/Fundraising Officer roles are responsible for choosing a fundraiser for each term with approval from Committee as necessary and co-ordinating on behalf of Committee. For example, we usually participate in a Monster raffle each year so your role would be co-ordinating the distribution and sale of raffle tickets and collecting the proceeds (with the assistance of the Office Assistant). We often participate in a Bunnings BBQ fundraiser however we have not been given a date for 2021 at this stage. The Farsi Translator will be asked to translate things such as the Kinder Newsletter which is produced each term and any other important notices to assist our families where English is a second language. All Committee members are also involved in regularly reviewing the kindergarten's policies so we ensure we are meeting our obligations as a kindergarten and employer. If you feel you would like to be a part of the Doncaster Kindergarten Committee and have a say in the way the kindergarten functions, then please consider nominating yourself for one of these positions. No previous experience is needed, the only qualification you need is parenting.

Support & an opportunity to gain work experience

No previous experience is needed, the only qualification you need is parenting. Being on the Committee is a great opportunity to gain some work experience to fill gaps in your resume for future work roles and a perfect stepping stone for return to work mums and newly arrived Australians. Many of our Committee members work full time as well as in their volunteer role. References for your volunteer work here can be provided by the President. It is a wonderful way to participate in your child’s kindergarten experience and build connections across the kinder’s community.
You will be supported in your role by the existing Committee members and the Office Assistant.
If you have any questions about any of these roles, please speak to Liz Spiridis, our Office Assistant at

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