meet OUR educators 

At Doncaster Kindergarten we have an experienced team of teachers and educators who understand that every child is unique. They respect the diverse nature of our community and work with children to build self-esteem, a sense of independence and to prepare them for their first years of schooling.


Our team of educators  are committed to delivering play-based learning guided by theorists Lev Vygotsky, John Dewey and the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education. Meet our staff below.

Meg, Teacher
4 Year Old Green Group

I believe my role is to interact and collaborate with children in a way that is respectful and responsive, as well as supporting and empowering them to learn continuously.

Teacher, 4 Year Old Green Group

Originally from New Zealand, Meg has been a member of the Doncaster Kindergarten teaching team since 2012. With 18 years teaching experience,  Meg has a Bachelor in Education in Early Childhood and a Bachelor of Arts in Education and Psychology. Meg has a wonderful way with children and is well loved by them. She also has the rewarding task of being the Nominated Supervisor for the Kindergarten and Educational Leader, where she mentors and guides the other educators in delivering high quality educational programs for all children.

Teacher, 3 Year Old Red Group

Letitia is a dedicated and caring teacher who has been teaching at Doncaster Kindergarten since 2006, and has been educating young children in a variety of settings for the past 25 years. Letitia holds a Diploma of Teaching ( Early Childhood) from the University of Melbourne. Letitia has a family of her own and knows the importance of early education for children. She is passionate about delivering quality programs so that all children can develop to their fullest potential.


Teacher, 4 Year Old Yellow Group

Elva joined the Doncaster Kindergarten team in 2018 and holds a Graduate Diploma of Teaching in Early Childhood from  Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. Elva has worked in a range of long day-care services across New Zealand and Australia over the last decade. Originally from China, Elva is fluent in Mandarin and English. Elva’s understanding of different cultures provides a rich source of inspiration for her teaching program. She aims to provide a range of learning experiences with high expectations, in order to achieve the best outcome for every child.

Elva, Teacher
4 Year Old yellow Group

My understanding of different cultures provides a rich source of inspiration for my teaching. 


co-educator, 4 Year Old green Group

Carina has taught at Doncaster Kindergarten since 2017 and has had three years working in 4 year old kinder plus experience with babies & toddlers as co-educator. She holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, Bachelor of Arts in Management. Carina values each child as unique and has a passion for fostering them to develop holistically.  Carina is a mother of two young children and knows the importance of early education.


co-educator, 4 Year Old Yellow Group
and 3 Year old red group 

Rachel joined Doncaster Kindergarten in 2019 and currently holds a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood & Primary) Degree. Since completing her degree Rachel travelled to America and worked two summers for Camp America as a camp counsellor. Following this, she traveled to the US and on her second trip stayed and worked as a nanny in Seattle. Rachel has also been working with the Australian Open Ballkids since 2016. On return to Australia she followed her passion and returned to the Early Childhood sector through Agency Relief Teaching before commencing her co-educator role at Doncaster Kindergarten. Rachel has a strong belief in play based learning and values the importance of knowing all the children and their interests to create an engaging and safe environment that caters for each individual child. When not at Kinder Rachel enjoys travelling and playing tennis.


co-educator, 4 Year Old Yellow Group

Mel started at the kinder in 2020 and has over 7 years experience in early education. With a Certificate III in children’s services, Mel's teaching philosophy is “To provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for children to explore and learn.”  Mel loves to spend time with family and friends and also loves gardening and going to the movies.


office assistant

Liz was a parent of the kindergarten from 2015-2018 and was the Enrolment Officer on Committee from 2015 to 2016. In 2017, Liz became the kindergarten's first Office Assistant. She works part-time in the kindergarten office. Liz conducts tours of the kindergarten by appointment and supports the volunteer committee and staff to run the kindergarten.

Letitia, Teacher
3 Year Old Red Group

I recognise the value of the family as first influencers in a child's life and aim to work collaboratively with parents and carers to achieve the best outcome for each child.

4 Year Old GREEN Group 

I have two children and understand the importance of  early education.

co- educator
4 Year Old yellow Group / 3 YEAR OLD RED GROUP

I value the importance of knowing all the children and their interests to create an engaging and safe environment that caters for each individual child.

4 Year Old yellow GROUP

My teaching philosophy is to provide a safe, healthy and happy environment for children to explore and learn.


As a parent of the kindergarten  in recent years, I have a good understanding of how the kinder operates and how we can best meet the needs of the children that attend.