Parent run since 1968

Doncaster Kindergarten is a community kindergarten run by a Committee made up of parents
and carers of children who attend the kindergarten.

Each year since 1968, a group of parents have stepped forward to serve on the Committee and
the kindergarten has prospered. Committee members come from all walks of life and there are
many roles which allow parents to use their particular skills.


Close relationship between parents and staff

The Committee meets on a monthly basis in the evening and consists of the roles below.

The Committee considers the needs of the kindergarten from a number of points of view including the teachers, the parents and the community.

Amongst many other things, the Committee runs the kindergarten, reviews fee structures and
employs the staff. The result is a very close relationship between parents and staff and
amongst the parents.


Working together to deliver quality outcomes for educators and children
The Committee is crucial to the kindergarten. The kindergarten cannot operate without it.
Without the ongoing dedication of the kindergarten community and of the Committee as a
whole over the years, our kinder wouldn’t be the excellent learning centre it is today.

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