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Term 4, 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

As Doncaster Kindergarten, I think we responded to the circumstances as well as we could, and our entire community showed remarkable resilience.

This was exemplified by this term’s ‘return-to-normal’ for the education program. It has been great to see the children back at the kinder, engaged and enjoying the interaction with their teachers and friends.

A massive thanks should go to our teaching staff who adjusted to the challenges of the year and showed commitment to the children throughout. We are really fortunate to have a group of such qualified and dedicated staff. Similarly, our appreciation is extended to Liz (Elizabeth Spiridis) who is so much more than an office assistant. Even when forced to work from home for large parts of the year, she ensured that everything ran smoothly at the kinder.

Further evidence of how we managed to just get on with things, was our Annual General Meeting held in October. This was the first time that the meeting was held virtually and it was very well attended. Although we missed the opportunity to engage face-to-face, everyone still got to learn more about the kinder and in virtual break-out rooms, families were able to meet their children’s teachers.

At the AGM, the 2021 Committee of Management was elected. We are delighted to welcome eight new committee members, and also grateful that eight existing committee members will stay on in 2021. I will be joined on the Executive Committee by Ahmed Mohammed as Secretary and Shafaq Azad as Treasurer.

Please click on the link below to download a copy of the Term 4, 2020 newsletter.

2020 Term 4 Newsletter Website 2
Download PDF • 655KB

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