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Term 2, 2022 Newsletter

Well, what a term! It seems with a blink of an eye it’s already half way into this year! We’ve had a great start of the year, a few bumps along the way and I believe we all cannot wait to get over the coldest months of the year. I think we’re all relieved to get to the end of this term, if only to get a couple of weeks to rest and relax.

I wish to thank the hard work of the teaching and administration staff, who have provided their expertise on delivering an outstanding teaching program while making sure the kinder is compliant and that our loved ones are safe. It is a delight to see how much enjoyment and growth they are all having by being part of this wonderful kinder community.

I also wish to thank the parents who have volunteered to be members of the Preschool Committee. Your enthusiasm is brilliant. Amidst that, the working bee volunteer group this term did a phenomenal job. A big thank you to Neville and to those mums and dads that made it to kinder on this very cold wet Saturday. Volunteering is a way of learning to make our lives into a process of just giving and being willing.

Next term, kinder children are in for some new furniture – new chairs, tables, dressing stations, active play and learn stations and a whole lot more. It’s going to be exciting for the little ones.

GET INVOLVED! After the 1st of July, drop by Grill'd Doncaster, Westfield Shopping Center. You probably know the drill. Order up and you’ll get a token to vote in-restaurant or online. Vote for DONCASTER KINDER. At the end of the MONTH the JAR with the MOST tokens receives a price. Let’s fund-raise and have some holiday fun.

From the team, wishing everyone a safe, healthy and relaxing term break.

Emily Tabualevu


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